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do the right thing

do the right thing

6/10 Tegan Rants About Sarah Palin & the U.S. 2008 Election [w/o Sara]

4y ago


T.Q.: "I'm so obsessed with your election, it's sick. Like, I don't know what I'm gonna do. I might get television... cause I wanna watch it so bad." A.B.: "You're gonna break down and get it?" T.Q.: "I don't know! I just like, really don't want to miss anything, you know what I mean? Like I know there's the whole internet and stuff, but..." A.B.: "It's crazy..." T.Q.: "Um, like, wow... like, I watched this Congresswoman... person... today? And she... not Sarah... but someone else. I really love that her name is Sarah, too, because I constantly use it as if she's my sister." A.B.: "Who?" T.Q.: "Sarah Palin! Like..." A.B.: "Oh, I see." T.Q.: "Helllooo! ...Sarah!" A.B.: "I didn't even know there was a hurricane until like yesterday." T.Q.: "I know, I didn't know that either, no, I told you I didn't know anything about that, but I have been obsessed with this whole thing, and I love that I don't have to even SAY her last name because everyone has got it on their brain right now, so I'm just like, 'Can you BELIEVE Sarah's kids.' And they're all like, 'I know!' Did you see Sarah Palin's daughter like LICK the baby's head? ... It's so weird! Like can you imagine, you just lean over and lick their head?? Not endearing!" A.B.: "I know... I mean, a head-licker in the office seems like it would get us killed!" T.Q.: "It's totally weird. The whole family, it's just psychotic... but in a weird way, I'm captivated. I didn't want her to go away! I'm not saying I want her to win... but doesn't it feel like SHE'S running for president?! I mean, in Canada, we have a conservative government too, so I'm not just like..." A.B.: "She's BORN for that platform. She's riveting." T.Q.: "Right?" A.B.: "Riveting." T.Q.: "She is AMAZING." A.B.: "She's riveting." T.Q.: "Like when she was like, 'When he's done pushing back the waters and saving the earth,' I was all like, 'Oh my GOD!'" A.B.: "That's what I was thinking... who? I was thinking, who was she talking about? Who?" T.Q.: "Obama!" A.B.: "No, I know..." T.Q.: "Oh, but you thought..." A.B.: "But you're just so into her, and she's just... she's..." T.Q.: "Oh, all right, you were thinking about the speech, and I was just thinking, 'I love you!!'" A.B.: "Exactly." T.Q.: "Probably it's too much to tell her I like her? Probably too much." A.B.: "Send her, um, send her a dozen dozen roses." T.Q.: "You think so?" A.B.: "Yeah, on a cloud of tissue paper, just covered with..." T.Q.: "I think it would be misconstrued. Anyway... I'm totally... totally being sarcastic right now, and um... in case that's not clear... But I am still really obsessed, I am really obsessed, and I think you guys are gonna do the right thing, but I just don't trust you. Only because you've proven to me time and time again that you make bad decisions, when it comes to leaders and things, you should just let Canada vote, and then just take what we give you." A.B.: "That's great." T.Q.: "I know, right??" A.B.: "That would be so funny. Where's mandatory, where's mandatory votes, who was telling me that..." Audience: "Australia." A.B.: "That's it, that's it, I think that makes so much sense. Tegan goes on a tangent (beginning around 2:55) about McCain's choice of Palin as a VP running mate and how awesome she is (not!) and yet how she kind of loves her (oh Tegan...) She then says she doesn't trust Americans to "do the right thing" (me neither...) Completely hilariously awesome... Tegan Quin [w/o Sara] New York City, New York 09/04/08