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matt bomer

matt bomer


4y ago


Right after reading chapter 1, they were the first actors that came to mind to portray this hot pair! I think they both have what it takes to be Christian and Ana. I hope the producers, directors, etc. consider these two! Matt Bomer, an American actor from White Collar and In Time. Claire Foy, an English actress from Season of the Witch and Little Dorrit. With Matt's dashing features and Claire's unconventional-innocent beauty (very Ana-ish to me!), they'd make a great pair! Another thing, Matt's American and Claire's English---opposite of the Twilight pair haha (since the story was inspired by it)... Music: Passive by A Perfect Circle (i think this song fits CG's hidden nature and also, Ana is like his perfect enemy since she's the opposite of everything he was used to..) Consequence by The Notwist (check out the lyrics, it fits everything 50 shades of grey LOL) NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED! This seems to be an intriguing gabfest within Youtube (...around the world, actually) so we came up with this video for fun! :] Thank you! PS, thanks google for the images! And "" for that majestic wallpaper (last hot picture)! Take care, guys! Cheers! O_--