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50 Shades of Grey - THE MUSICAL

4y ago


Enjoyed it? Tweet it: Facebook it: 50 Shades of Grey THE MUSICAL! Don't forget to "LIKE" :) And don't forget to Subscribe for our weekly musicals! Download the song! Based on E. L. James' popular book, 50 Shades of Grey. Did you guys know they are making a movie of it?! Alright, let's have a show of hands, who read it? Or who caught their mothers reading it? ;) Original Music by Antonius Nazareth Directed and Edited by Vijay Nazareth Starring: Elizabeth Oldak, John-Michael Lyles and Alexandria Grace Williams! We are two brothers doing these videos every week! And we do everything, from writing the original songs to shooting and editing, ourselves! Show us some love! __________________________ Download our music! Like AVbyte on Facebook: Find Vijay: Facebook: Twitter: And let's not forget Google+: Find Antonius: Twitter: Facebook: ____________________ Lyrics: GIRL 1 Fifty Shades of Grey My new favorite book Every fantasy Right in front of me I can read it while I cook Fifty Shades of Grey How can I refuse In my boring life As a plain housewife I can dream of being sexually abused GIRL 2 Fifty Shades of Grey No way Every page I read Makes eyeballs bleed Someone please explain How this makes sense Fifty Shades of Grey It's wrong This degrading fluff I have had enough! Mommy Porn at women's rights expense. GIRL 1 + 2 This is so well written Who the fuck would write this Every word describes exactly how I want to feel within What a bad example for (every girl) Every girl should read this book I just hope that men don't get the wrong ideals from reading... GUY Fifty Shade of Grey I pray that no one realizes That I am loving it. Every bit. Oh... Hope no one finds out I'm reading Fifty Shades of Gray I know that I should be ashamed of this But I can't resist. My poor wrist! Oh... Hope no one finds out I'm reading _____________ Thanks for watching! See you next week!