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Staff Picks

5 Steps To Set Up a Summertime Social Media Marketing System (and spend more time on the beach)

4y ago


Here’s a little sampling of what you’ll learn: How I made $700 by spending $40 on Facebook ads—anyone can use this simple method to reliably create an easy 10×+ return on investment How to turn social media fans into email subscribers. 93 out of every 100 fans will never return after they’ve clicked the “Like” button, but with this simple method you can capture nearly all of them How I made $5,500 in 1 week and 4 days using LinkedIn. You don’t want to over-use this strategy, but it’s great for bringing in a fast injection of leads on a regular basis The simple method I use to manage and keep track of multiple accounts, without going nuts or burning out. If you’re feeling frazzled by juggling 3, 4, 5, even half a dozen or more social media accounts, you’ll want to attend the live training just for this one tip! How you can consistently get videos ranked at the top of Google, spending only $20. Google + YouTube = Super Power Combo, and if you think this takes lots of technical know-how, or at least lots of time, think again…