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big island

big island

4 Directions Wisdom Gathering - Pt. 2 - A Women Elders Film

4y ago


Quantum physics and traditional knowledge agree that combining the positive energies of a group of conscious people in a sacred space like Sedona, Arizona; has a much greater impact than isolated, individual efforts. Therefore, on May 18-20, 2007, high-point of the final Fifth Day Cycle of the current 5,200-year Mayan Long Count Calendar, Sedona author and therapist, Dr. Chet Snow, his wife, Kallista, plus Karen Koebnick of Sedona Spiritual Journeys, convened the first Four Directions Wisdom Gathering at the Sedona Creative Life Center. The 200 participants were led by a half-dozen recognized Native elders and wisdom-keepers from Turtle Island" (the Americas) and the Pacific (Hawaii), creating an "open-heart space" to share experiences and dialogue as we enter the long-predicted Times of Change or Purification, as the Hopi say, surrounding the 2012 alignment of Earth and our Solar System with the Galactic Center. This was the most-auspicious time to direct positive intentions to all our relations across Turtle Island. How can we create and sustain an Earth-friendly future together at this time? Invited elders and teachers included Grandmothers Agnes and Flordemayo of the Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers; Auntie Pua, wisdom-keeper from Hawaii; Danilo Villafane from Columbia; Grandfather Martin of the Hopi nation; Willard & Marie Pine, Ojibway from Canada; Sherry Whitfield, guardian of the ancient crystal-skull "Synergy," known across the Pacific; Revs. Michael Beckwith and Rickie Byers Beckwith of the Agape Fellowship, Los Angeles, and Native American activist, Russell Means. Tony Redhouse of Arizona Dineh (Navajo) performed sacred music and dance at the two-day Wisdom Gathering, which culminated in an outdoor "talking stick" ceremony among Sedona's celebrated Red Rocks. If the predictions held by traditional Hopi and Mayan elders come true, this may have been one of our last opportunities to collect and transmit powerful sacred messages from these elders around Mother Earth before the disruptive transition from the 4th to the 5th world began. Even if "Purification" were postponed, many of these respected elders knew that the wisdom they held could soon disappear with them or that they would no longer be able to travel as freely as at that time. In 2009, Chet Snow, who is part Native American from his father, received a new vision that this group should meet again in the year 2012 as Earth aligns with the Galactic Center. This alignment marks the rebirth of the ancient Mayan Calendar and it occurs just after a rare Venus transit, when our sister planet passes across the face of the Sun, as seen from Earth. These transits always come in pairs, eight years apart; the second of the current pair happens on June 6, 2012, and is visible in the Pacific. Consequently, an Aloha Wisdom Gathering will be held on the Big Island of Hawaii, June 2-6, 2012, to celebrate this infusion of Aloha Spirit and "talk story" on how best to foster a sustainable, positive future for the next seven generations. All who resonate with this Vision are invited!! For more information contact: Aloha -- Peace -- Shalom -- Salaam -- Mitakuye Oyasin