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4 Days in India - HD (Canon HV30 + 35mm Adapter)

4y ago


My sister, Rosemary, and I took a short trip to India. We crammed 3 cities into less than a week of travel - Delhi, Calcutta & Agra. It was the first time using my toy - a palm-sized Canon HV30 and a 35mm Adapter (by TwoNeil). Since it was a run n' gun shoot, I didn't have time to check the adapter for dust and there is some heavy vignetting going on with my sometimes-crooked-35mm adapter. Also, even though I was forced to pay a tourist "video fee" at all of the sights for using my camera, I wasn't allowed to use my mono/tripod at all, so most of the footage is handheld. Shot in 24p, Colorgraded in AVID. STARRING: The citizens of India, Rosemary Do, and if you look closely, you'll see ONE shot of me when I tried to show my sister how to use the camera. India is a beautiful country - I wish this video did it more justice.