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bullet trains

bullet trains

3D Sheet Metal Forming Shinkansen 打ち出し板金 新幹線E4系MAX やまびこ

2y ago


3D sheet metal forming for Shinkansen by a recipient of the Medal with Yellow Ribbon, Award for the Outstanding Skilled Workers from the Minister of Health, Labour, and Welfare. Filmed at Yamashita Kogyosho Co., Ltd. in Kudamatsu, Japan. More information available at websites below:- - Human Touch for Bullet Trains (Shinkansen), Apr 1999, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Japan. - The Face of the Bullet Train, The Backbone of Japanese Industry Page 6 & 7 , Highlighting JAPAN, Dec 2008, the Government of Japan -Yamashita Kogyosho, Hammering the Shinkansen into shape, MONOZUKURI & SMEs Page 34 & 35, Highlighting JAPAN, Aug 2009, the Government of Japan - Still Pounding Out Nose Cones, 24 Aug 2009, The Nikkei Weekly - Recipients of The Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry - Magnesium Violin (AZ31), an example of 3D sheet metal forming 黄綬褒章を受章の「現代の名工」(厚生労働大臣卓越技能者)による打ち出し板金です。山下工業所第一工場(山口県下松市)にて撮影されました。 ■山下工業所: