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in 3d

The 3D journey: Inventing a real-life holodeck

4y ago


Star Trek’s holodeck technology may no longer remain the stuff of fantasy as developments in 3D technology bring us ever closer to life-like holographic images. Sharp Labs Europe are currently working on a cutting-edge communication technology that they hope will make 3D images indistinguishable from reality. The idea is that in the future we will be able to communicate in a simulated reality, that could give us the option of interacting with each other without leaving our homes. Read the article in full on -!/7741/the-3d-journey-inventing-a-real-life-holodeck/ Sharp’s 3D expert Jonathan Mather, a research supervisor in the Optical Imaging and Display Systems Group at Sharp Labs, explains to Humans Invent how the ultimate goal is developing 3D images that are as close as possible to reality using holographic technology, a journey that begins with the original concept of 3D - the technology used in 3D appliances such as glasses 3D and glasses-free 3D on the Nintendo 3DS.