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justin stewart

justin stewart

3 January 1923 - Hermann Göring Marries

4y ago


106bc (+) Philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero is born in Arpinum, Italy. 1431 (x) 19-year-old Heroine Jeanne D'Arc aka The Maiden of Orleans, is handed over to Bishop Pierre Cauchon in Beaulieu, France. 1496 (x) 43-year-old Artist, scientist, engineer, mathematician and polymath Leonardo di ser Piero Da Vinci unsuccessfully tests a flying machine in Italy. 1840 (+) Missionary Father Damiaan originally Jozef De Veuster, is born in Tremelo, Brabant, Belgium. 1892 (+) Writer John Reginald Reuel Tolkien aka The Lord of the Rings, is born in Bloemfontein, South Africa. 1916 (+) Murderess Toni Jo Henry originally Annie Beatrice McQuiston, is born in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. 1920 (+) Attorney-General Siegfried Buback is born in Wilsdruff, Germany. 1923 (x) 29-year-old Nazi-leader Hermann Göring marries Carin Freiin von Fock in Munich, Germany. 1949 (+) Victim of Gertrude Baniszewski, Sylvia Marie Likens is born in Lebanon, Indiana, USA. 1951 (+) Actor Mel Gibson aka Mad Max, is born in Peerskill, New York, USA. 1959 (x) Alaska becomes the 49th US state in Alaska, USA. 1962 (x) 35-year-old Revolutionary leader Fidel Alejandro Ruz Castro is excommunicated by Pope John XXIII in Rome, Italy. 1964 (+) Gay Zombie film-maker Bruce LaBruce originally Justin Stewart, is born in Southampton, Ontario, Canada. 1967 (-) Murderer of Lee Harvey Oswald Jack Ruby dies of a heart attack and bloodclot in his lungs at the age of 55 in Dallas, Texas, USA. 1975 (-) Executioner of Breendonk-KZ Richard De Bodt dies at the age of 68 in Brussels, St. Gilles prison, Brabant, Belgium. 1979 (-) Hotel-magnate Conrad Nicholson Sr. Hilton dies of natural causes at the age of 91 in Santa Monica, California, USA. 1980 (-) Joy Adamson originally Friederike Victoria Gessner aka Born Free, is murdered by unidentified poachers at the age of 70 in Shaba National Reserve, Kenya. 1990 (x) 50-year-old Serial Killer Robert Christian Hansen aka The Aviation Hunter, his prison cell is searched, several aviation maps and escape routes are found in Lemon Creek Prison, Juneau, Alaska, USA. 1990 (x) 44-year-old Serial Killer Arthur Shawcross aka The Monster of the Rivers aka The Genesee River Killer, is arrested in Salmon Creek, New York, USA. He was masturbating in his car on a bridge over the creek in which the body of his latest victim was floating. 1994 (x) 120 Die in Bajkal Toepolev 154 crash in Irkoetsk, Siberia, Russia. 2004 (x) 148 Die in Flash Airlines Flight 604 Boeing 737 crash in the Red Sea.