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playstation plus

playstation plus

250 Subscriber Giveaway! Gamers heed my call!

2y ago


I will be giving away 1 out 5 prizes to thank you guys for the support and subscribing! 1. $50 PSN Card (US Account) 2. 12 Month Playstation Plus Subscription (US Account) 3. 4000 MS Points 4. 12 Month Xbox Live Gold Subscription 5. $50 Steam Game Gift THE MECHANICS: This giveaway will go on until July 1. I will close the acceptance of entries on that day. A few days later, the winner will be announced. All you need to do is COMMENT on the video. As long as I see your name on the comments list, you're in. But I will only include you in the raffle ONCE. Meaning, no matter how much you comment, your name will only go in ONCE. HOWEVER (This is just optional) If you are SUBSCRIBED to this channel (Karlobster) and you commented on this video, I will enter your name TWICE in the draw. You have 2x the chances of winning this way. But REMEMBER, SUBSCRIBE only if you want to. ONE MORE THING! If you comment on this video, subscribe to this channel AND SUBSCRIBE to my gaming channel (KarlobsterGaming) then I will enter your name THRICE in the raffle! Hey guys! Thanks for subscribing to my channel! I promised around a month ago that if I get to 250 subs I will be doing a giveaway! So here it is! Now since we all know the guys who love kewl and awesome vfx are most likely the guys who love gaming, I've decided to make this giveaway for the gamers in the audience! I will be giving away 1 out of 5 possible digital items! Music in intro is by All credits go to him. Royalty free music in the video is from Faraway Music. All credits go to them.