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the buck

2/4 Gaming: Why the %*! is this so %#&@ Impossible? Panel - ROFLCon 2012

4y ago


We shot Gaming: Why the %*! is this so %#&@ impossible? Panel at ROFLCon 2012! Check it out and if you're interested in more ROFLcon, take a look at our playlist: Bennett Foddy (QWOP / GIRP) - Flash Game creator Michael "Kayin" O'Reilly (I Wanna Be The Guy) - Game creator Jesper Juul (Comparative Media Studies) - Video Game researcher!/jesperjuul Jamin Warren (mod -- Kill Screen) - Kill Screen Founder!/killscreenmag About PopSpot and RoflCon: PopSpot - YouTube's One-Stop Spot for All Things Pop- - Sponsors the World's Biggest Event for YouTube Stars and Their Fans. PopSpot, the new pop culture channel on YouTube, will be aiming all of its pop on Boston, May 4th & 5th, as the main sponsor of ROFLCon (Rolling On The Floor Laughing Convention: ‪‬), the first Internet conference devoted entirely to Internet memes and their stars. PopSpot will add it's own signature pop to the conference by setting up a virtual PopSpot on site where YouTube stars such as Antoine Dodson ("Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife"), Paul Vasquez ("Double Rainbow Guy"), Matt Harding ("Where the Hell is Matt?") and others will be given the opportunity to record an official ROFLCon video portrait, "Pop" their viral videos, meet members of the media and interact with their fans. And check out our other shows! ‪‬ From the creator of VH1's Pop-Up Video comes your one stop pop culture spot on YouTube. Fresh daily and weekly shows. The Spot where YouTube Stars and pop culture celebrities get "popped." Smart, snarky, clever, hilarious, outrageous, hot, informative and unfiltered fun. The only spot on the web where you can see Pitt, Bieber, Lautner, De Franco, Beyonce, Britney, Jenna Marbles, The Annoying Orange, Shane Dawson, Ray William Johnson, What The Buck, Rebecca Black, The Double Rainbow Guy AND Cats with Lightsabers...get popped! Subscribe now to be one of the first to know what's popping: ‪‬ Or swing by to check us out: ‪‬ Like us on Facebook ‪‬ Follow us on Twitter: ‪!/@watchpopspot‬ Want more fun - Go to Tubmlr ‪‬ And check us out on Google+: ‪‬ best famous 'internet convention' party nerd ROFLcon 2012 ROFL convention 'rolling over the floor' Boston MIT panel discussion panelist interview Q&A facts background knowledge video creator star memes vidcon summit campus 'MIT' 'Bennett Foddy' 'QWOP' 'Michael Kayin" O'Reilly' 'I Wanna Be The Guy' 'Jesper Juul' 'Jamin Warren' 'Kill Screen' gaming