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metal halide

metal halide

24 Gallon Nano Cube- Video 2

4y ago


Aquarium: 24 gallon JBJ Nano Cube. Set up in 2004. Equipment: Current USA 150W 14K Metal Halide SunPod, Current USA 1/15th hp chiller, AquaMedic air driven protein skimmer powered by a Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Rena Air 300, Stealth Pro 50W heater, MaxiJet 900circulation pump. Filtration: 1st chamber Skimmer, 2nd chamber stock sponge with Seachem Matrix Carbon on top of sponge, 3rd chamber heater and circulation pump. Testing & H2O Parameters: Aquarium Pharmaceuticals nitrate, pH, and Kh test kits, Salifert calcium test kit all done weekly. pH maintained at 8.3, Kh at 10-12 degrees, nitrates undectable, calcium 380-400 ppm. Maintenance & Supplements: 25% water change performed monthly, roughly 4.5 gallons, by siphoning sand to remove detritus. 100% Nutri Sea Water made by World Wide Imports is all I use. Top off water is made by Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Tap Water Filter which produces deionized water then SeaChem Reef Builder dissolved in it to help boost Kh. SeaChems Aquavitro (amazing product line) 8.4 I use to maintain pH & Kh, Calcification which has both inorganic and organic forms of calcium in it, and Fuel for amino acid and Iodine supplementation. Marc Weisss Reef Vital DNA is used to help prime coralline algae prevents ich from adhering to the fishs skin. This product acts like a coral Viagra and makes all the corals open up. All supplements are added about twice a week. Fish: True Percula Clown pair, Royal Gramma, Regal Blue Tang, Black Saddleback Clown pair, Blue Spotted Jawfish, Randalls Shrimp Goby, Firefish Goby, Aurora Goby, Bangai Cardinal. Inverts: Red Serpent starfish, Astraea snails, Nassarius snails, Sea urchin.