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the atlantic

the atlantic

2012 - The Sun, Yellowstone and Canaries - Threat to our planet - Captain Bill

4y ago


Friends of our channel and YouTubers welcome. This video is to alert you to the biggest natural problem that we may have this year 2012. The Sun, Yellowstone and Canaries. After Mr. Michio Kaku explanation about Yellowstone, now let's talk about the supervolcano El Hierro in the Canary Islands. This volcano has intensified activities in a surprising way in 2011. Was about to explode if not the interventions of our friends Arcturians, which caused the pressure relief on the ocean floor, as shown in the pictures. Now, as these interventions ceased, nature should take its natural course. The island has swelled five inches vertically and six inches horizontally. This shows that the pressure is incredibly high on the caldera beneath the island. If the worst happens, a tsunami of epic proportions will cross the Atlantic at up to 800km per hour in the directions of the three Americas. Everything is 30 km from the coast will suffer the consequences. The increase in volcanic activity on the planet are due directly to the great increase in the incidence of channeled energy from solar flares, increasing the temperature of the core and the magma of the planet by a effect "microwave". The heated material expands, creating a general instability in the tectonic plates of the planet as a whole. The supervolcanoes are the exhaust valves of this huge pressure cooker, and we expect them to trigger sooner or later if the solar activity continues to rise the way it is. Let's hope for the best but nature should take its course as the designs attributed to our planet in this change of Age. The smaller volcanoes, no less destructive for their large number, are distributed in the contact zones of tectonic plates, and these are increasingly unstable, not only in the Pacific ring of fire but on the whole planet. This can lead to earthquakes of large proportions, followed by localized tsunamis that just as the last of Japan, which can devastate coastal regions around the globe. Be at peace with your consciences because one thing the man has not yet learned to control, the force of nature! Now with respect to the government elite and its wars of interest and control, we can get rid of them some time from now, be sure. Thanks for watching, join our channel! You are welcome to open mind there! July - 2012 - Captain Bill - Atlanticobr Channel.