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2012 Pinto League Championships. Halen's Big Hit

4y ago


In the 3rd inning, it was 1-0, Giants. We then scored 3 runs to make it 3-1, Us. In the top of the 6th, they hit a pop up. Our pitcher drops it, but throws it to 1st for the 3rd out and our win. They called it out and we began our celebration. 30 seconds into it, the Umpire reversed the call and called him safe siting that our 1st baseman took his foot off the bag. Pissed off at the call, we sent our players back to their positions. The next batter then got walked to make it bases loaded, 2 outs. The batter that came next was their best hitter. He hit a bomb triple, making the score then 4-3, Giants. Our hearts dropped. We got the last out, and gathered our players for the biggest inning of our undefeated season.. 2 walks, 1 out, and a hit by pitch later, Halen walked to the plate with the bases loaded. He took the first pitch, called strike 1. With his heart pounding, the next pitch came fast, and hard, right down the middle, he turns on it, and SMASHES it to the outfield. The crowd erupts, our players start running the bases, scoring one and then two to win the game (again lol). Halen clears third base and Jay swoops him up in a celebratory throw in the air. Just like what little boys dream of. His team won the Championship!!! Great game, Giants. You played us hard, much respect.