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2012 Ozarks Ambassador: John Phifer Marrs

4y ago


If beauty captures your attention, personality captures your heart. Interior designer John Phifer Marrs is blessed with the talent to envision and transform spaces into works of art and a personality that instantly makes you feel as if you've known him forever. As a young man, Marrs grew up in Harrison. Today, he is a world traveler. He jets between projects in Russia and Costa Rica as well as throughout the United States. He returned to his hometown of Harrison, Arkansas on Friday, May 4, in the L.E. "Gene" Durand Center during the North Arkansas College Foundation's annual Evening on the Plaza Dinner to receive the Ozarks Ambassador Award in recognition of his outstanding success in the field of Interior Design. The dinner followed a reception in the FedEx Freight Atrium at the Center Campus. "The selection committee was impressed with John because of his many achievements," says Dr. Jackie Elliott, president of Northark. "As well as the sophistication and charm he exudes as he enthusiastically tells others about the love he has for Harrison." Music credit: "Mystic River" by Celestial Aeon Project This video is distributed under a NonCommercial Sampling Plus 1.0 Creative Commons license.