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beautiful night

beautiful night

2012 Kpop Dance Mashup

2y ago


Here comes another mashup! :D It's been long since i didn't do one.. i hope u enjoy it :) If you're gonna say "why isn't this and that mv here?" then don't. Some i didn't use becuz there was no dance i could work with or i forgot or i just didn't want to include it. (Chi Chi mv wasn't released yet when i did this). I had to render this 3 times cuz it kept lagging.. i used Cyberlink power director 10 (is has lots of cool stuff but honestly it kinda sucks cuz it lags too much). The reason why i didn't do a mashup with the songs if becuz i don't know how to do it yet.. I think everyone knows the song used xD and i hope i don't get problems becuz of it.. Have fun! ^_^ MV Used (I subbed them all so u can find them in my channelsI: 4minute - Volume Up After School - Flashback Apink - Hush B1A4 - Baby goodnight BAP - Power Boyfriend - Love style Cross Gene - La di da di Dalmatian - ER Dal Shabet - Mr. bang bang Exo K - Mama F.Cuz - No.1 F(x) - Electric shock G.NA - 2hot Hello Venus - Venus Heo Young Saeng - Crying Infinite - The chaser JJ Project - Bounce Jo Kwon - I'm da one Junsu - Tarantallegra JYPark - You're the one Myname - Hello & Goodbye Nu'est - Face Sistar - Alone Sistar - Loving U Supernova - Stupid love Touch - Let's walk together TTS - Twinkle U-Kiss - Believe U-Kiss - Doradora VIXX - Superhero Teen Top - To you Wonder girls - Like this Ulala Session - Beautiful night