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north shore

north shore

2012 Kneeknacker Ultra Marathon - Super-Duper Pre-Sweep Crew race perspective

4y ago


This is the 6th year I've been involved with the Kneeknacker North Shore Trail Race as part of the pre-sweep crew marking the first half of the course from Nelson Creek in West Vancouver to the Cleveland Dam (race halfway point). I LOVE doing this job as it affords me a chance to give back AND the best seat in the house to observe the race. This year we had a stellar crew including 20 year volunteer Gary Stevens, Sammy Loftipur (on Canada's 100km team and winner of many races including Fat Dog, Haney to Harrison, Stormy) and the incomparable Ellie Greenwood, who is just a bad-ass chick runner - and record setting Western States 2 time champion, Canadian Death Race winner and World 100km Champion. This was an incredible group to work with. Ellie and I carried on from the half to run the rest of the course and ensure marking was good for the second half. Here is the race web site for the "Knarliest 30 miler": Here are the race results: