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2012 Infiniti Inspired Performers #2 'G-Force Sky Driver' With Mark Webber

2y ago


Formula One Star Mark Webber Completes a Race Against Gravity Ahead Of Canadian Grand Prix MONTREAL - Formula One driver and Monaco Grand Prix winner Mark Webber continued performing at the very highest level today - starring in a dramatic race against gravity with Red Bull Air Force Manager Jon DeVore. The Red Bull Racing star, fresh from his brilliant win in Monte Carlo two weeks ago, put his freefalling skills to the test by taking skydiving lessons at a Montreal wind tunnel from DeVore. From there, they swapped roles at a nearby race circuit where the Australian racer taught the Red Bull Air Race star the art of performance driving aboard an Infiniti G37S. The climax of the day came when the two inspired performers completed an incredible race against gravity. It saw DeVore leap from a helicopter while Webber completed a lap at high speed to see who could complete the same distance the fastest. It is the second of Infiniti's 'Inspired Performers' series which sees the Red Bull Racing drivers Mark Webber and Sebastian Vettel swapping skills with other like-minded performers who are leaders in their respective fields. Webber's skydive with DeVore follows the release of Sebastian Vettel's Kung Fu movie 'Drive of the Dragon' starring martial arts Hollywood actress Celina Jade. Commenting on the event, Mark Webber said: "I've tried a lot of adventure sports but the skill it takes to do a skydive takes it to a whole new level. Jon was a great tutor and he turned out to be a pretty handy driver too." High-resolution images of the stunt are available now ahead of the Canadian Grand Prix. Go to: In addition, interviews with Jon DeVore are available on the Infiniti Inspired Blog, available here: Since the 2011 season Infiniti has been a major partner of the Red Bull Racing team and in 2012 the relationship has been deepened with Infiniti featuring even more prominently on the Red Bull Racing RB8 and the overalls of Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber. Last year Sebastian Vettel was appointed Infiniti's first ever Global Brand Ambassador. About Infiniti Infiniti, the luxury automotive brand from Japan, reflects its brand promise "Inspired Performance" with a model line-up of sedans, coupés, SUVs and crossovers featuring exhilarating performance, emotive design and cutting edge technology. Infiniti continues to launch across the globe through a dedicated network of Infiniti Centres that share a commitment to exceptional hospitality throughout the entire period of ownership. For more information, see