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jason kirk

jason kirk

2012 Big Ten Football by Shutdown Fullback

4y ago


00:29 - First Quarter - Big Ten Culture Guide 03:22 - Second Quarter - Big Ten Field Guide 07:00 - Third Quarter - Evolution of the Big Ten, from founding to present 10:15 - Fourth Quarter - Big Eleventeen! Conference standings predictions Greetings Big 10 fans, this one's all for you and your cousin with hooves too! This week, Stumpy and Jerald break down the Big 10 conference. From the mascots to the mascot's ex-wives, all end zones are covered. Oh, don't forget your toup, as the demon winds near Gary, Indiana may be flying in this time of day! Grab a grinder, a calzone, some meatlover's pie, a sundae, a banana split, a bratwurst split, a hamburger pizza split, turkey jerky, rasta crab pasta, chips, dips, backflippin' frog lips (fried of course), roast beef yogurt, beef creme, spider sausage, meatloaf, Meatloaf, grasshopper pie, pie, pie, pie, pie, more pie, pie, pie, piepiepie, bratwurst pie and whatever else you call leftovers... and let's hit the trough we all know and love called... THE BIG 10!!! Oh, and don't worry. There are NO Penn State jokes found here so don't even ask! Just Pen 15 jokes. Credits: Hosts - Spencer Hall & Jason Kirk Director/Producer - Lear Bunda Camera - David Lewis Audio - Lear Bunda Edit - David Matysiak Production Coordinator - Laura McDowell Audio Sweeten - Will Mitchell 8bit GFX - Nick Ingkatanuwat and Matt Simpson Production Assistant - Alina Klopach Cat - Lloyd Fireball and Leroy Firefly Title - Holly Anderson Music: MMP026_75 TriumphOfTheSpiri NSCL001_17_Versailles GRML0059_20_Game On A Day-Off RSM058_22 ClassicalAnthem RSM007_04 MajesticSail Find us on Facebook: Visit for more Shutdown Fullback!