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philadelphia 76ers

philadelphia 76ers

2011 NBA Playoffs Predictions

4y ago


Here are my predictions 1st Round Chicago Bulls vs. Indiana Pacers-Chicago wins 4-0 Orlando Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks-Orlando wins 4-3 Boston Celtics vs. NY Knicks-Boston wins 4-2 Miami Heat vs. Philadelphia 76ers-Miami wins 4-1 San Antonio Spurs vs. Memphis Grizzlies-San Antonio wins 4-1 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. Denver Nuggets-OK City wins wins 4-2 Dallas Mavericks vs. Portland Trailblazers-Dallas wins 4-0 LA Lakers vs. New Orleans Hornets-LA wins 4-3 Conference Semifinals Chicago Bulls vs. Orlando Magic-Chicago wins 4-2 Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat-Boston wins 4-3 San Antonio Sprus vs. Oklahoma City Thunder-San Antonio wins 4-2 Dallas Mavericks vs. LA Lakers-Dallas wins 4-2 Conference Finals Chicago Bulls vs. Boston Celtics-Chicago wins 4-3 San Antonio Spurs vs. Dallas Mavericks-San Antonio wins 4-1 NBA Finals Chicago Bulls vs. San Antonio Spurs-San Antonio wins 4-2 This is just my opnion, feel free to express your onw my posting a comment on my channel. When each round ends, I'll make updates to see how wlel i did in my predictions. April 30th 2011 Update: Ok I'm not good at all with predicting the exact amount of games the winner will win so expect a lot of things to be off in that category. Well for the 1st 8 matchups I did pretty well although my pick to win Spurs lost in the 1st round and so did Orlando, but hey 6/8 correct that's good right? I think the final 4 will be the Thunder, Mavericks, Bulls, and Celtics. I know you guys may be dissapointed with me not picking the Lakers but the Lakers played more sloppily against New Orleans than Dallas against Portland. But the Lakers might sitll win, but nonetheless I'm going with Dallas. Then the final 2 Dallas and Chicago, with Dallas winning in the end. Let's see if I'm right later on. Update May 18th, 2011: I got 3 of the 4 semifinal teams correct, so yay for me! Too bad Heat beat Celtics or i'd be 4 for 4. For the final round i think it'll be Mavericks vs. Heat since Heat has several good players, including Lebron James. But in the end I still think the Mavericks will win. What do you guys think? Update May 27th 2011: Alright I predicted that the Mavs and Heat would make the championship and I was right! So for the semifinals I'm 2/2 and for the playoffs as a whole so far I'm 11/14 that's pretty good in my book. I think Mavs will win in 6, if not 7 games. If I get this right I get a B-(12/15) on my playoff predictions!