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space odyssey

space odyssey

2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY meaning of the monolith revealed 1 of 3

1y ago


Part two 2011 update includes monolith dimensions and details of the working relationship between Clarke and Kubrick. COMMENTING DISABLED AS OF FEB 2011: IF YOU WISH TO COMMENT please do so on the new Meaning of the mMonolith (2011 update) video, which can be found on my channel. Many of the questions and queries normally raised (screen measurments, book content, etc) are addressed in the updated video. On my website there is a much more in-depth breakdown of this movie that covers renaissance / rebirth themes, theories about the seven diamonds, IBM references etc. You can read the expanded analysis at In-depth analysis of Stanley Kubrick's sci-fi classic 2001 a space odyssey - the meaning of the monolith revealed !!!! by Rob Ager. Mulholland Drive analysis A Clockwork Orange analysis The Shining analysis Bladerunner analysis Psycho film analysis Full Metal Jacket analysis Pulp Fiction analysis Big Lebowski analysis