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Staff Picks

18, June, 2012 Homs: Massive Destruction in Jurat Al-Shayyah Neighbourhood

4y ago


Nothing but destruction!! As most neighbourhoods in Homs, this is case of Jurat Al-Shayyah neighbourhood . Destruction is everywhere! Jurat Al-Shayyah neighbourhood is still being shelled by the Assad's militia evey now and then by rockets and mortar missiles. Two rockets have fallen down while filming this video! Look O World! People in Homs are risking their life to film and let you see what is going on in Homs and how the barbarian regime treated its own people, however, all you can do is just to keep watching and watching!! Shame on you!! Translated and subtitled by Syrian4allWorld team. Original video link: Up-to-date and verified videos from Syria uploaded everyday with subtitles .. Please rate comment and share to support the Syrian revolution. Our page on Facebook