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16 New Guinea Counci Conference, Benny Wenda answers question

4y ago


On april the 5th there was a conference being held in Nieuwspoort, a press hall next to the Dutch Parliament. Benny Wenda was the opening speaker. The conference was about the subject that the Papua People have been promised independence. The treaty of Canberra is one of the proofs for that which shows that International Law is neglected when it comes to the right of self determination for the Papua People. The international community, with the Unites States as the main leader, wanted the Indonesian army to take control over West Papua. Their interest was the biggest gold and copper mine in the world that has been exploited by a US based firm, Freeport, from the moment the Indonesian took over control. In a number of treaties The Papua People have been promised a referendum, the so called Act of free Choice. But it has become clear now and proven that the Indonesians didn´t want a free choice; the only outcome was annexation by Indonesia. The US backed Indonesia up since the got the concessions to exploit the gold and copper mine as early as 1967, two years ahead of the Act of free Choice. The fraudulent referendum was also backed up bu the United Nations. Indonesia has made a crime against International Law by effectuating a genocide on the Papua People after the implementation of the Papua province into the Indonesian Republic which has been proven by research from the Yale University and the University of Sydney. Instead of bringing the genocide to the United Nations and demand for resolutions against Indonesia, the International Community keeps on neglecting this violence against the people of West Papua and the violation of International Law. But the people from Papua never stop demanding internal community their rights. This conference is one of the efforts to lead the people of West Papua to freedom and independence. The New Guinea Council has been installed under Dutch rule in 1961, since this area used to be a Dutch colony. The Dutch have acknowledged the right of self-determination. But the next step, which is carrying the New Guinea Council into effect by becoming an independent country still has to be taken. Therefor parliamentarians around the world should be aware of the atrocities which has been taking place in West Papua, and the only solution which is Independence. I uploaded 19 short videos about the New Guinea Council Conference in total. Check out the other videos for more information.