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#151: Recognizing and Defeating Logical Fallacies

4y ago


Trent Horn is back in studio for one more episode, to discuss logical fallacies that both pro-life and pro-choice advocates make. - What is logic? - How do arguments work? - What are fallacies? - What are the most common fallacies that pro-choice advocates make? - What are the most common fallacies that pro-life advocates make? - Most people know that an ad hominem is a fallacy, but they aren't sure how to describe it or refute it. How do you refute ad hominems? - What are some fallacies that people may not recognize but are very common? - How can we graciously explain to someone that they are relying on a logical fallacy? - Isn't it more important to focus on emotional relationships and not just on who has the best argument? - Are there any books you recommend on how to argue and spot fallacies? Related Links: - Trent talked about a few faulty pro-life arguments in this episode. This is actually a common topic on our show. Click here for more faulty pro-life arguments: - Purchase Greg Koukl's excellent book, "Tactics in Defending the Faith." - Trent Horn is the Coordinator of Respect Life Leadership Support at the Diocese of Phoenix. To learn more about Trent, visit - Watch other Life Report episodes with him at