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14 Minutes With Gesaffelstein LIVE Pt. 2 @ HARD Summer 2012

4y ago


It actually didn't take until I saw Gesaffelstein live at last year's HARD Summer for his music to really hit home with me. The way he drops his bass so relentlessly on the haunting techno synths is like nothing else I've heard. It's extremely unique. I was extra pumped for this set because it was supposed to be the debut of his live set. I don't know if I was missing something or what, but it didn't seem to be anything more special than a normal DJ set. Maybe I didn't catch it? If anyone knows what was up leave it in the comments, because I was pretty disappointed. EDIT: So I found out his live set just has to do with him putting each individual track before us LIVE on ableton rather than DJing. I'm just used to the word "Live set" as incorporating some sort of live production, with extra lights and such. Needless, to say that changed just about everything I felt about this set. Gesaffelstein is a BOSS. for full event coverage and pictures soon! Get at us on twitter: OR FaceBook: *I DONT OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS MUSIC. JUST LOVE GOING TO SHOWS AND DOCUMENTING FOR CONTROLALTDELIGHT.COM IF YOU WOULD LIKE IT REMOVED MESSAGE ME*