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teddy ruxpin

teddy ruxpin

113 Bars by Beast 1333

4y ago


113 Bars by Beast 1333 from the "Mark of the Beast" album LYRICS: Get my Mothafuckin Hands on this Beat (yea nigga) Told ya I was gonna get my Hands on this Beat (Word up) Ima go 113 bars (On some real hiphop shit) 113 (lets go...) Im a fighter not a Lover Yous a lover not a Fighter Pai I'm getting Real Swole Like I had a lot of Spider Bites Now throw your Hands Up Like your Caught up in a Stickup Ima go over your Head like Jordan in a game of pickup And it aint Really my Fault that I stay tighter than a Coochie And it aint Really my Fault that I Spit rawer than some Sushi But I think it is my Fault, already Grown I know the Dilly Plus I'm street and I Touch more White than the name Billy More White than the name Sally they call cause they want Brittany I hit em with More Baggies i keep em Along with Me If something is wrong with Me let the Devil be my Keeper When we Die they put us in a Box like a Pair of Sneakers And I think it's Time for you to Hang it up just like a Celly I done been down route 46 and Hit up all the Telly's I done did my share of dirt probly Smoked a Ton of Weed And I'll never hit the brakes just like the movie Speed What is it that these People need? do they want me to Destroy it? When I walk into a Room people Rise like Unemployment I'm a vision to Behold when I'm Ripping up the Stage Spreadin myself out for the Bread like a glob of Mayonnaise If we was still makin records then I probly Melt Wax I'm similiar to Dope fiends that make Mad Tracks Listen I am what you Lack listen to my Whole Collection Throw my sticker on your car like if you went and passed Inspection Rep your local Emcees even Though they dimes a Dozen Cause Some of them is Sick like when you Fuck your Cousin First it was and then it Wasn't yo this is isn't what you Think I do this Involuntarily like when you Blink Ima drop a couple Clues let me Drop a couple Hints Can't you see I am Unique? like a set of Fingerprints Aint nobody got my style aint nobody got my Grunt They Get Cocky for a While then get sloppy like a Cunt I'll be waitin out in Front like if you Went and called a Taxi Why you ridin shotgun? when we treat you like the Backseat Absorb this like a Maxi ima leave you in the Hudson And I do this for my Children So i can cop em Teddy Ruxpin's Come up against a Master its, rappin thats my Expertise I think yall it Fucked Up like a Hookers Knees Look at them and Look at Me is there Really any Competition? Calmly I'll Defuse the situation like a Bomb Technician I'm the type of Person that demands your Respect Your Skull is empty inside like a Muslim Discoteque I'll suffocate a Python and poison back a Rattlesnake Of course I got a Softer Side my Little Daughter rattle shake Daddy playing Pattycake I'm lethal as a Ginsu You gon have a Rough Time Like all the Shit I been Through My tongue is Bleeding cause my Words emerge as sharpened Razors Lines be Cyanide that Travels through the vents and kills the Neighbors My Pen is Vader's Saber chop you up and Kill you later Time is ticking like the gut on Peter pan's the Alligator I'm the Procrastinator chopped off my Umbilical Because of Paranoia that my Mom would take my Lyrical It's gonna take a Miracle for me to get to the Top All I got to do is keep it Moving like the Hands on the Clock And spit Nonstop and Show you what I got Inside Stay current, stay Fresh like Bodies with Formaldehyde Use the left Lobe and right Lobe and Coordinate my Brain While yall falling out of favor and Fame like Corey Haim This a game then i just won it Man I grab the ball and Ran it Man I came here to Exterminate and take you out like Taliban So tell me what's the Matter Man? your'e off Point like Weathermen Everybody got they top 10 like David Letterman Ima be up in your top 10 all in your Graces And you'll never find me in the same Spot Like different Places Lets take this back to Basics you could learn a c...