EJC 2014 Fight Night - Final - Iver Roar Tronstad vs Jochen Pfeiffer

16h ago

When a juggling convention needs to spice things up, they hold a Fight Night, which is a one-on-one competition between two jugglers. The match requires each juggler to keep three clubs in the air while knocking one of their competitors’ clubs to t


Here's the final match with Iver, the top seed, vs Jochen, the current number 1 player. Both players were undefeated going into the match; Iver with 9 tournament wins in a row and Jochen with 15! It was the perfect match-up for the final battle, and it proved to be a classic. See all the results and details from the tournament here: http://www.lukeburrage.com/combat/tournament%20EJC%202014%20Millstreet.html Thanks to everyone who took part!