The Homeless Addiction

5h ago

"Addiction is like having sex with a gorilla, you're not done until it says you're done." - Man attempts to spend one week living on the streets. This is the most powerful, eye-opening video I've ever seen, shows you the truth about homelessness.


Never give up on love and wish Aaron good luck in the comments! This week I am taking my hat off as Dennis Roady the Prankster and taking you for a walk on the wild side of homelessness. My goal was to inspire at least one homeless person, help them find a path off the streets, help them recognize their unrealized potential and help them migrate to a better place. But I didn't realize how difficult & challenging my endeavor would be and the outcome, well that was even more unexpected. What I do know, is that being residentially challenged (homeless) is just the tip of the ice berg, their are many layers to being homeless. Addictions and mental illnesses seem to be the most common theme amongst people living on the streets. Addiction is like having sex with a gorilla, you're not done until it says you're done. When it comes to curing drug addictions, Doctors think the answer is medication. Basically treating the addiction with possibly another addiction. The cure to drug addiction is a spiritual answer. Addiction is a deadly disease, how ever bad life gets, don't pick up that first one. This video was powered by encouragement, understanding, and love...Never give up on love Subscribe if you liked my video #roadydeeds Homeless in a Mercedes McLaren Video SmileMore here: Facebook /DennisRoady Instagram @DennisRoady Twitter @DennisRoady Vine @DennisRoady Thanks so much for watching. Please help out by sharing with some friends! Love you guys!