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Gavin Boby at the 1st Intl Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia

6h ago

"Easy Meat" - Deep details and history on Muslim rape gang / grooming activity in the UK since 1988, and the political push for multiculturalism that silenced many voices. [333 page PDF]


Gavin Boby - UK planning attorney and director of The British Law and Freedom Centre, an organisation assisting community groups (pro bono) faced with inappropriate planning applications for mosques in their neighbourhood. Gavin has spoken in the EU, parliament, Canada and Australia in 2012. His written monograph is titled "Life without Politicians." This presentation was part of the Sunday main event of the 1st International Symposium on Liberty and Islam in Australia. The symposium was organised by Q Society of Australia and held in Melbourne on the weekend 7 - 10 March 2014.