Phony Navy SEAL of the WEEK. Part 1-JAMES HOSKINS the Pumpkinhead SEAL.

4h ago

If You're Lying About Being a Navy SEAL, This Man Will Catch You


PART TWO of James Hoskins Phony Navy SEAL of the Week will launch on Sunday, April 13th at 1800 East Coast Time... SUBSCRIBE... Retired Navy SEAL Don Shipley BUSTS Phony Navy SEAL James Hoskins of Minster, Ohio. Mr. Shipley, thank you for taking my request to verify what I believe to be a fake Navy SEAL. This guy is posting on Facebook and I am sure other websites saying he was a Navy SEAL and was discharged after a HALO jump gone wrong and is now on disability from it. He then apparently went to work for Blackwater. His Name: James Hoskins Hometown: Brookville, Ohio Current Town: Minster, Ohio Age: Mid 30's (I believe he graduated from high school in 96) Phone number (posted on facebook) 937-710-3008 Business Phone: 419-628-6015 Facebook page: Business: He is the President/CEO of Hoskins International LLC out of Minster Ohio To verify any Navy SEAL claims visit