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"Manbearpig" Theatrical Trailer (Dedicated Lovingly to Tom O' Flaherty)

8h ago

"Manbearpig", is it still relevant?


Half Man. Half Bear. Half Pig. All Terror. The newest movie from renowned actor and director Mel Gibson, and with Michael Bay of "Transformers" fame as producer, "Manbearpig" stars ex-vice president of America Al Gore and an elementary school cast in a family adventure unlike any other. It'll make you laugh, scream, cry, lose control of body functions, even stimulate you to the point of tripling yourself. Follow motivational speaker Al Gore, a man shunned by the community for his belief in the mythical "Manbearpig". However, when a military experiment goes awry, letting loose the creature three-halfs terror, it's time for Al and co. to get serial and save the world. ON A MORE SERIAL NOTE: This video is dedicated to the strapping and rambunctious Tom O' Flaherty, who turns 19 on this day. I wish him much safe sex. In case you haven't copped it, this is fake. Would be a fun movie though, I'd try it myself! I don't own any of the clips, those are property of Trey Parker, Matt Stone, Comedy Central, basically whoever actually owns South Park. I just edited this together for the hell of it.