WARNING! UNCENSORED! Southwest Airlines Pilot Open Mic Broadcasts To ATC

13h ago


WARNING FOUL LANGUAGE!!!!!!!! A Southwest Airlines pilot has been suspended after broadcasting a slur-filled rant about flight attendants over an air-traffic control frequency that stopped controllers from contacting other aircraft. The profanity-laced rant meant controllers were unable to contact other aircraft for several minutes potentially putting lives at risk. The Southwest Airlines pilot launched into a swear laced tirade about gay, overweight and older flight attendants on a flight passing over Houston, Texas. The pilot complained that most flight attendants weren't acceptable dating prospects for him. 'It was a continuous stream of gays, grannies and grandes,' the pilot said. The recording was obtained by the Houston Chronicle from the Federal Aviation Authority. The pilot, who has not been named, had accidentally turned on his microphone while talking to his co-pilot. He was unaware his conversation was being recorded and had no idea he was clogging up a frequency that prevented controllers in Houston from talking to dozens of other jets.