Day 28 Beginner Yoga Challenge - Conquer Headstand and Be Strong

4m ago



Welcome to Day 28! Conquer headstand in its easiest and most accessible form. The tripod egg might look hard but I promise it's pretty easy. You will find a great way to build up strong shoulders, a firm core and a stable mind. Keep your peaceful center while you move into to today's full practice. Welcome to this One Month Beginner Yoga Challenge. New videos will be posted daily at 9 AM EST during the month of May. Pair these videos perfectly with #MayIBeginYoga2016 to support your daily practice and share on Instagram. Videos will publish on the day before the calendar date to give you time to practice and post on IG. Subscribe, comment, like and share to stay involved in the yoga challenge. We designed this month’s challenge to be the perfect introduction to yoga, just like a 30 Day Yoga Course, but we want ALL levels to join and share their practice. This is the same challenge as last year so it's perfect for those who participated to see how far you've come! Blog, Events and News - Facebook - Instagram - Live Broadcasts - Snapchat - KinoYoga