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Superfast 2.5-year-old — The World Map Expert

3d ago



Getting here is just a fantabulous accomplishment for Vihaan Chamala, who is a two-and-a-half-year-old residing in New York. This twinkle-eyed toddler is adept in identifying all 196 countries plus some dependencies and territories on the world map (a total of 202), in a mere four minutes and forty two seconds. Apart from being adorably naughty, this dazzling little boy, with his ability to quickly learn, retain, and swiftly recall the information, playfully mastered the entire world map in approximately two months. He wouldn’t go to bed without playing with the map and listening to his favorite lullabies. Vihaan's agility and his potential for such a phenomenal memory was spotted early and encouraged by his parents and family, especially, highly commendable effort was made by his mom with laudable support from grandma to spark this flashy learning curve of Vihaan. We hope this video of Vihaan would inspire the children all over the world. May God bless him. World Record Secured: