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Region | DSR 5onscreen! | (Clips & Fails #6)

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Even though it was really, really faded it was still a 5on an almost 6. (Open description for more information) Iv'e hit quite a few nice clips lately, since this videos coming out after i hit 2k, i decided to chuck a couple nice clips in here. gonna keep a couple for a different vid though. Hope you enjoyed the video an if everything goes to plan the QnA shouldn't be up long after this (1-2 days hopefully) How fucked is that nosc clip on the drop, i might have a very cringey reaction and its split but its still one of my favourite clips. Also thanks for all the kind words on my 2000 subscriber video, MinzZ really beast'ed that progression video - Thanks Region ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ► Background Song: Blackbear - Califormula (Tarro Remix) - The Lad That Made The Intro!! ►Twitter: ►Youtube: Tweet at me: ► Twitter: Follow me on Twitch: ► ► Want a partnership? Click here: I do most my GFX (Nearly All) So if you want a banner/header or thumbnails just hit me up but it may cost a little!! sorry but a cod nerd needs a living.