War in Ukraine / Now The New Russia Army is closing New Ring

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War in Ukraine / New Russia Army is closing the New Ring Briefly about the war in the Donbass. I do not know how in the West, Russians believe the concept of "Nazism" and "fascism" as synonyms. When we say "Kiev Nazis" or "fascists from Western Ukraine," we mean the same thing. Namely, people who are obsessed with Hitler about the superiority of one race or nation over others. In Western Ukrainian fascists (Nazis) has its heroes. This is Bandera, Shukhevych who were servants of Hitler in World War II. So..There is a war between the Russians, the local population that lives here 1000 years and the Nazi government in Kiev, which the United States led to power. As a result of the bloody coup, the Nazis from Western Ukraine came to power. They are a minority, and in the case of democratic elections, they would never have come to power. Then the United States made a bloody coup, as they are able to do it all over the world. Thus, the United States went to war against the Russian population of the South and East of Ukraine, who lived here 1,000 years and no where to go will not, of course. I'd like to work for the Russian government, but do not work. And actually just want to help as best I can. To bring the truth to the world. Free of charge and at the expense of their own time. I do not know about a help from Russia. Maybe it goes. Also, do not know, maybe go help with the West for Kiev. What else? Russian Donbas really fighting against fascism! The Nazis came to power in Kiev seriously consider themselves a superior race. It's funny to hear for non-Ukrainians. But it is. Ukrainians in fact it is Russians. Western historians only in the 20th century had called their - "Ukrainians" . Ukrainians do not fight against the Donbas, almost. Basically, fighting Nazis from western Ukraine. In Donbass no Russian army. Here are fighting Russian who live here 1,000 years. The first Russian state Kievan Rus was here. They are the locals. And, of course, volunteers from around the world help us! The State Dept. United States began the war , who arranged the illegal coup in Kiev. And he led the Ukrain. Nazis to power. Putin does not want the new lands, otherwise would have long ago captured the whole of the Ukraine, easy! The Kiev Nazis commit genocide! Ask if something is unclear, I will answer. War in Ukraine Der Krieg in der Ukraine La guerra en Ucrania La guerre en Ukraine A guerra na Ucrania War in Donbas New Russia Resistance Army Paul 17 Gubarev november 2014, oktober 2014, december 2014, 21, 25, 26, 30. Right sector real fight the fighter warrior horror genocide in Ukraine the US rebels separatists South-East mercenaries foreign private military company UN EC Polish american Russian Army militia militias Aydar batallion Grad RSZO MLRS artillery Russian tanks guns partisans Fighting map. BMP. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Putin in 2014 Kiev junta fascism the Nazis the war in the Ukraine the Kremlin Putin Yatsenyuk Tymoshenko Media Conflict 2014 Politics 2014 Crimea 2014 Marinovka Semenivka Donbass sweep the National Guard in the offensive Slavonic 22,23,24 Slovyansk Lugansk Odessa Dnipropetrovsk fascists 18 today May Ukraine arrest assault right sector the South East fascists Nazis meeting encounter fight news helicopter shot down elections elections 2014 Ukraine Lugansk war Lugansk bombing news Lugansk cleaning Luhanka Lugansk Ukraine Urgent latest news news 16 from Ukraine today's news latest news hot news politics world news sensation Lugansk Donetsk Donbass Kharkov Odessa. 27,28,29 Kiev evromaydan avtomaydan assault rally revolution provocateurs activists maidan hostage seizure Ukraine Independence Crimea EC special forces Yanukovych elections the invasion troops Putin Yanukovych Obama United States the right sector war news urgent policy New Russia Rubezhnoye. Lisichansk today Valnovaha Donetsk Donetsk 19 rally antimaydan Donetsk 20 today Donetsk Airport the revolution in the Ukraine the war in Ukraine Volnovaha now Ru...