Scary Kids Scaring Kids - "The City Sleeps In Flames" (Album Review)

1y ago


↓↓ All my stuff ↓↓ Second Channel: Facebook: Twitter: Vlogs: Instagram: My review of the debut album "The City Sleeps In Flames" by emo / post-hardcore group Scary Kids Scaring Kids. The world lost lead singer Tyson Stevens this past week, RIP good sir. Thanks for all the great music. Send me stuff! Album Review TV PO Box 2649 Leland, NC, 28451 "The City Sleeps In Flames" Immortal Records Release: 6/28/2005 Rating: 4.5/5 Favorite tracks: The City Sleeps In Flames, My Darkest Hour, The Only Medicine, Faith in the Knife, Drowning You In Fear Least faves: The World As We Know It, The Bright Side of Suffering Don’t forget to hit the like button and subscribe to the channel if you enjoyed my review. Thanks for watching! Listen to the full album: