tom hardy

tom hardy

Tom Hardy #‪#‎22PushUpChallenge‬ 22 push up challenge 16/08/2016

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OK Not my 22 but i was asked to track down ‪#‎TOMHARDY‬ to do his 22 for 22 after being tipped off about his nomination from my good friend Joel Reid. (ill post the original nomination in the comments). As always, Tommy has delivered, nominating Channing Tatum and Boris Johnson in the process. Ive made this post public so please like, tag and share, lets get this GLOBAL Channing Tatum Your up Boris Johnson You too big man Also more importantly to donate Text PTSD4 to 70004 Followed by the amount you wish to donate (Options are: £1.50, £3, £5, £10) to 70004. So, to give £5, you'd text PTSD4 £5 to 70004. To donate monthly, text COMBAT4 £3 (or other amount) to 70004. Text costs £3 / £5 plus network charge. Combat Stress receives 100% of your donation. Obtain bill payer's permission. Customer care 01372 587 153. Goody Goodstuff Royal Marines Royal Marines Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Association Roll 2 Recovery BJJ Tom Hardy Fan Combat Stress *22 US veterans commit suicide per day (yes, you read that correctly!). Sadly, this situation is echoed in the British former-Service community. Furthermore, suicide is the single biggest cause of death in men under 45 in the UK. When you accept, copy and paste this message to each video. Please raise awareness of suicide amongst our veterans. A new video will be posted each day for 22 days with someone new being challenged each day. How it works. -Video yourself doing 22 push-ups. -Post the video to Facebook. -Feel free to challenge anyone. The goal is to raise awareness for those who are battling this demon. Help spread the word and look after each other. Someone you know may be suffering in silence. #tomhardy ‪#‎22PushUpChallenge‬