the grind

the grind

A Year in the Valley - Day 67 of 365 - The Stardew Valley Fair comes to town!

5h ago



Welcome to Neanderanch, a rundown bit of land left to me by my grandfather at his passing. I had been slaving away for Joja Mart for years - and needing to get away from it all - remembered the envelope left for me on his deathbed. So I struck out one day, leaving the busy city life and the grind of the day to day behind me, to start new, build up my grandfathers land, and restore it to the glory it had once been. Looking to get away as well? Why don't you join me in Pelican Town, in Stardew Valley, for a Year in the Valley! Mods in Use - Daily Notifications by Dreamsicl - NPC Gift Taste Helper by TheCatMan - NPC Map Locations by Bouhm - Jiggly Junimo Bundles by Greger - Chest Label System by OrSpeeder - Being Added Soon Loved Labels by Advize - ---- Website: Twitter: Patreon: Discord: All servers provided by Aim2Game (