the crown

the crown

To Challenge the Crown of England

1mo ago



To: Mrs. Windsor, AKA “QE II” and or queen “Elizabeth II”; [To: [ALL], present and future, hereby let known – “NOTICE HAS BEEN SERVED upon H.M. Queen Elizabeth II”] Mrs. Elizabeth Alexander Mary Mountbatten Windsor of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, “I” am putting you upon your OATH; [Under God, “so help me God”]; we are now bound by contract, of your [oath] (of) article II of your coronation”; soliciting from your prior knowledge of the fact(s) below, shows you have known for many years of the unlawful breach’s of the universal sovereignty of the inalienable rights of mankind, the right of choice; where the content of this letter and that of my signature challenges your RIGHT of sovereignty; having recently read a letter, (it) started “If you are reading this letter I am probably dead….” (A suicide letter of a 16 year child), who’s life was in utter psychological turmoil, (their sexual identity) and of their inalienable right(s) to choose, and not that of law based on a religious demand “forced against” that of “choice and equality”; formed from the selfish desires of another who impose superiority over another; rhetorically, how many (other) letters have (others) received, where in their inaction has resulted in a person taking their life; quoting the words of another: “Of the heart felt sorrow, (and) intrepid “fear” (of) so many, sadistically created by the “Agent(s) of the Crown” in (its) pre-meditated creation of the “legal fiction”, of “others”, (its) vexous comment(s) (of): “by order of the Crown”, “ . . . they shall go to prison… [For the love of their child]”; (it) questions the very existence of the serenity of the independence of (a) sovereign Judiciary; Ergo “In [The Crown’s] refusal to harken unto me, (it) stole my child (in PRIVATE), and if I say a word (in PUBLIC) I will go prison”, shows the guilt of the blooded hands, in the wicked act(s); forcing upon me by the serialized fiction(s) of sovereign law; a clear challenge to the statement of [Article II] (“So help me God”) that of “The Innocence of Man””, signed “Baillie’s Dad”; With a “rebuked castigation” towards the innocence of man in the “chastisement” of [all] that [is] innocent; the ignorance employed (however so formed) results in the inevitable loss of life of the innocent; Ergo, murder condoned on the authority of the CROWN and agents; an absolute and unforgivable crime before mankind; that of knowingly allowing an innocent person to take their life in order to cover up the sins, that CROWN and (its) agents have committed in its refusal to obey the UNIVERSAL laws of mankind; (its) perjured statements, refusals, and contempt before mankind creates a condition where YOUR authority and that of [ANY] CROWN Agent is now “un-attainable”; now is the time for your departure, abdication, and acceptance that mankind will never allow “another” to rule or govern over mankind’s creation, (that of [his] child); where the “CROWN’S” REFUSAL is a declaration of SLAVERY, a condemnation, and denunciation of (its) failure of “nomocracy” [The rule of law] before mankind. Regards, signed at , the “Official” residence of Mr. Nigel Cooper, (p.p. Albert II, Former King of Belgium).