Why Am I Here? (Original by Jaycee Roberts)

5h ago



The world can be an overwhelming place. I wrote this to explain how my heart feels when it comes to being satisfied by the world rather than God. Hope you like it! ~ Lyrics ~ The pain feels so much better Rather than to settle in the right thing The world seems far much better because it comes with the sting I'm trying, I'm lying, I'm denying The truth and Who I am and Why I'm here The worlds much more enticing I can't fight it, we all know it is The pain satisfies my hunger Because I think it's greater than His I'm here because of Him He took my sin Trying to fight it, But I can't win Please be sure to like/share/subscribe! DEUCES! Like my fan page! Follow me on Twitter! Follow me on Instagram! Follow me on Soundcloud to hear my latest originals!