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Rictor's Star Wars Saturdays: What About the Spoilers?

1h ago



Rictor's Star Wars Saturdays is a web series dedicated to Star Wars fans young and old. On this weekly show Rictor Riolo from Spike TV'S Ten Million Dollar Bigfoot Bounty will talk about what he hopes to see in the long awaited Star Wars sequel, Episode VII: The Force Awakens. Today's topic: What About The Spoilers? In our sixth show, Rictor asks the age old question, to spoil or not to spoil? And talks about the history of spoilers from the prequels. Be sure to subscribe for more and leave your thoughts on what you hope to see happen in the most exciting Star Wars movie of our time! As of this posting, only 9 months to go... Also check out That Hashtag Show, they keep you up to date with the latest trending topics in Geek Pop Culture. Check them out here: You can follow Rictor Riolo on Twitter: or like his Facebook page here: May the Force Be With You!