SpaceX Launch You Up (Uptown Funk Parody)

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Cinesaurus gets the credit for this, I'm just making it available on YouTube because it's so great. =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= THIS VIDEO IS A PARODY OF THE ORIGINAL "UPTOWN FUNK" by Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars and does not infringe on the copyright of Sony Music Entertainment (SME). This video was created by fans of SpaceX and does not reflect the views of SpaceX or its partners. You Elon MUST share this SpaceX music video, and help promote the future of science and space exploration! #GoBold (Lyrics at the bottom!) Subscribe for more from Cinesaurus! Follow us on Twitter: [] Like us on Facebook: [] Produced by Cinesaurus [] Vocals & Audio Mixing by Art Johnson [] Costuming & Wardrobe by Brigid Lohman [] CAST Bruno Mars: Buddy Waddington [] Elon Musk: David Hudson [] Gwynne Shotwell: Makenzie Greenblatt [] Tom Mueller: Drew Barth [] Dancer #1: Selena Annis [] Dancer #2: Brad Walker [] Dancer #3: Sarah Hudson [] Dancer #4: Mikey Dela Cruz [] Special thanks to Kevin McCarthy for the sweet Tesla Model S! [] PRESS: Why did we make this video? Well, first off, we here at Cinesaurus really love getting amped by dope music, especially when it has a good message. Second, we are huge fans of SpaceX and everything they are doing here on Earth and in Space to get us to other planets. We like to do anything we can to help support space science and think you should too! Get your friends excited about what SpaceX, NASA, or your favorite space company is up to! Who is Cinesaurus? Cinesaurus is a creative powerhouse obsessed with telling stories through branded digital content that people actually want to watch and share. Collectively, their videos have accumulated over 200 million views and millions of shares via Facebook and Twitter. They have created branded video content for Google, Dell, Discovery Channel, Sony Playstation, Dolby, Nestlé, and more. Their work has been reported on by The New York Times, The Hollywood Reporter, NPR, The Huffington Post, and every blog you’ve ever heard of. Cinesaurus digs content that excites people about the future, and is looking to creatively integrate brands that share their mission. LYRICS SpaceX, we go bold We launch rockets, we write code This one got that Musk smell That Shotwell's a straight master chief Rollin’, controllin’, pitch n’ yaw keep it steady Got a target on a boat on a pond Had a miss before, now we’re ready We’re too hot (hot damn) Make a Falcon land and re-fire, man We’re too hot (hot damn) Told Orbital to retire, man Ooh, that’s hot (too soon) Soon enough we’re gonna be Martian We’re too hot (hot damn) And we’re funded with e-money, (PayPal) Load up yo’ RP-1 (fuel) Load up yo’ liquid oxy (fuel) Load up yo’ hypergolic (fuel) ‘Cause Draco’s thrust gon’ give it to ya ‘Cause Elon Musk gon' give it to ya ‘Cause cosmic lust is livin’ in ya Our satellites will make WiFi spots Launch and land and re-launch Launch and land and re-launch Launch and land and re-launch Launch and land and re-launch Launch and land and re-launch Launch and land and re-launch Hey, hey, hey, oh Earth, wait a minute Ship to Mars, put some people in it On a trip, a real Star Trek Yo Elon, get the S Ride from West coast, East coast Supercharge in every city If we throttle up, we gon' peel out Quicker than a gassed Lamborghini We’re too hot (hot damn) Fly to space more than Disneyland We’re too hot (hot damn) Elon’s the actual Iron Man We’re too hot (hot damn) Ain’t talkin’ about no Mars One scam We’re too hot (hot damn) Launch pads are leased with our money (Privatized) Shotwell, there’s no one COO...