White Slutwalk Toronto Woman Makes False Accusations and Cop Threatens to Arrest South American

1w ago



The uber-feminist city of Toronto is beginning to turn racist like the Margaret Sanger KKK organization. A Slutwalk Toronto demonstrator went to a Toronto Police officer to make false harassment allegations on South American after she saw him with Lauren Southern and her Rebel Media TV crew. It should be known that the Slutwalk demonstrator was the one who showed him the middle finger and had her friends assault South American at Pride Toronto 2016. The Toronto Police officer also falsely accused South American of “following” women, when he was only filming and talking to himself in a Travel Blog news style. The officer almost snapped out at South American’s question on whether white Toronto women are allowed to harass racialized minority men. The police officer threatened to arrest South American and seize his camera should another false complaint of “harassment” be lodged by a privileged white Toronto Slutwalk demonstrator. It appears that the law enforcement in Toronto are more interested in allowing white Toronto women to make false allegations against men, while harassing and infringing on the civil rights of racialized minorities through the veil of demonizing men with false allegations for feminist causes. Filming in Public in Canada appears to be officially illegal as long as a white Toronto woman complains how she feels “harassed” at seeing a racialized man with a camera filming for blogs in public.