Energija Naroda Srbije - Obraćanje osnivača i pokretača Ivana Radovića, prvi deo

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Ivan Radovic was born in June 23th, 1975 in Uzice. Academy of Fine Arts graduated in 1998 in Prishtine as a sculptor. He is a member of ULUS (The Association of Serbian Artists) since 1999. He lives and works in Belgrade, Serbia. He is a member and asisstent of Visual Culture Centre KRUG in Cacak and the owner of ART ARTICLE DESIGN STUDIO and a member of GRUPA DESIGN STUDIO since 2001. Also, he is a member or The Association of Cacak's Artists - RISIM General Manager of Maestro Real Estate Comany Ltd Independent exhibitions: 1998. -- Cacak, The City's House of Culture 1999. - G. Milanovac,The Museum of Rudnik and Takovo region 1999. - Kragujevac, The National museum / The Gallery Little art saloon 2000. - Belgrade, The Galery of National university -- Brace Stamenkovic 2001. - Vranje, The Gallery of National museum 2001. -- Vishegrad, Town's Gallery, Bosnia and Hertzegovina 2001. -- Uzice, The Gallery of Teacher's Faculty 2004. - Belgrade, The Gallery 73 2009. - Nicosia, Cyprus, B-Rosso Gallery Art colonies: 1997. - Zrenjanin, 1998. - Savinac (Pozega), 1998. Ovcar Spa, 1998. - Rezevici, 2000. - Vlasina, 2001. - Poganovo, 2001. - Savinac (Gornji Milanovac), 2006. - Trepca Spa Awards: - The Annual Reward of The Association of Artists - RISIM - Cacak, 1998. - YU palette of the young, Vrbas, 2000.- National award - The first award of Novi Sad's Fair of Technique for design of packaging for ELSAT ltd (for product Roto antenna), 2002. - The Annual Reward of The Association of Artists - RISIM - Cacak, 2003. - Annual award of Municipality of Belgrade and Municipality of Banovo Brdo for the the best exhibition in The Gallery 73, 2004. - The first award on competition for design of logo for the AUDI competition for the best young artist in Serbia, 2007. - The first award on competition for design of logo for the pocket book edition RAVNOTEZA under the authority of Town's Gallery Nadezda Petrovic, Chachak, 2007. - The third award for design of logo for McMilan company, Bosnia and Hertzegovina, 2007. Clients: P.S. Fashion,Dragon Electronic ltd, ELSAT ltd, HIDROKOMERC ltd,VARDIM ltd, Tourist's Organisation of Cacak,DEMARI developers, ELIA developers,ALTER ltd,DIVA ltd,Buffalo and Office shoes, LAKI LINE STUDIO GP,Agronomic Faculty in Cacak, Tehnical Faculty in Cacac,PD HENDY MEN, Cyprus,Health Center of Cacak,City's House of Culture,DiMark group ltd,KOMET ltd,TREF ltd, URBANPROJECT Cacak,The Business Association of Cacak GRADAC 97,UNIPROMET ltd,BIOPRODUKT ltd, many restaurants,clubs,pubs,boutiques, etc. Artworks and design are published in magazines like: CKM, PLAYBOY Serbia, Art Life of Serbia, POLITIKA, The Voice of Chachak, Touristic Organization of Cyprus... He took part in many projects of VISUEL CULTURE CENTRE like: The Art and Paper, international exhibition in every two years. Library -- the open books of Balkan, international exhibition in every two years. The art critics to his work: Dejan Djoric, Mihajlo Kandic,dr Srdjan Markovic, Bozidar Plazinic, Sreto Bosnjak, Djordje Kadijevic