Ennis-Flint Stimsonite Click Stud

9h ago



Stimsonite® Click Stud Model 381c is an embedded type reflective road stud for use on highways, airfield roads, service roads and all trafficked areas requiring high performance delineation and marking to guide drivers. The product complies with the European Standard for reflective road studs EN1463 Parts 1&2 and it meets the requirements of the Highways Agency SHW and TSRGD SI3113. Stimsonite® Click Stud is fitted with the high performance prismatic reflector system which provides market leading reflector performance in a durable, long lasting road stud housing. Stimsonite® Click Stud incorporates a unique system for fixing the reflector body providing lifetime retention of the reflector unit without need for a bonded assembly. The novel fixing system which is patented, allows rapid removal and replacement of the reflector in-situ in the road surface with minimum cost to the road operator and disruption to traffic and provides a low cost solution to maintenance of road studs reflectors.