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river wye

Frome Symphony - Wye Explorer

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River Wye Exploring - Wye Explorer WATCH IN 480 OR 720 HD. CLICK SETTINGS WHEEL BELOW RIGHT OF VIDEO. Music by: Akoviani - Seven Mirrors Observing the Creative Commons Code. For more go to: https://www.jamendo.com/en/artist/433352/akoviani All music gives credit to the artist and is in cooperation with the artist via the CC Code as mentioned. No music in the Wye Explorer series of adventures is used if it's not cleared for use. Operating this way really does support the artist, adds integrity to the videos and in a way an ultrasound as a result. Similar Sounds include: Sergio Walgood, Ocralab, Modcam, Aural Float, Akasha, Blank and Jones and more... The Trip; This hike out revealed an obscure source for a river, which was covered in sheep shit and debris. The world didn't know the Frome (sub tributary of the River Wye) was there but once found we did amongst a select few. For more about Wye Explorer go to: www.wyeexplorer.co.uk Fantastic exploring to you and all the best.