one world government

one world government - Protecting and Profiting from Coming Collapse and Moving to a Freer World

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The ideal society, self organization, government monopoly on violence, US was initially set up without a federal government, working towards a one world government, an anarchic city in China, police steal more than criminals in the US, $40,000 to open a lemonade stand, the federal reserve is a corporate takeover of the banking system, Obama has added more debt than all other presidents combined, collapse inevitable, negative interest rate madness, opting out of the financial system, coming capital controls and cashless society, preparation for civil unrest, IRA's being moved in govt. treasuries, TDV self directed IRAs, the upcoming Anarchapulco conference Crush the Street website: TDV Offshore: TDV Internationalization & Investment Summit: Anarchapulco conference: The Dollar Vigilante on Facebook: The Dollar Vigilante: Anarchast: