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Complete Version 6.0 Guide - Rayleigh Shop & More! [One Piece Treasure Cruise]

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Woo hoo! Tons of new features are in the game with the recent version 6.0 update on the Japanese version of One Piece Treasure Cruise! The first big addition is the Rayleigh Shop. It's not really a feature intended to give free to play players more options, but is instead there to help soften the blow from getting duplicate characters from Rare Recruit. Getting that 2nd/3rd Gear 3 Luffy or a useless rare like Baby 5 at least will now be more useful than a single socket on a character. We're also getting the addition of Sailor Abilities in the game. Sailor Abilities are only active when that character is in one of the bottom 4 rows in your team, and have 3 main categories: Stats up, Resistances, and Special. They can vary from boosting ATK, to reducing Numbness on themselves, or making other color orbs count as Matching orbs. Patreon Supporters: Karlos_Baron supercrazyapple PadanMagician ============================ Visit our Website ➤➤ Come hang out LIVE on Twitch ➤➤ Follow us on Twitter ➤➤ Follow us on Facebook ➤➤ Support our Patreon ➤➤ Join the Discord Chat ➤➤ Damage Calculator and Character Database Link ➤➤ ============================ Get 10% off ANY Game Purchase at Playfield ➤➤ Get Cheap Steam Games ➤➤ ============================ Music courtesy of All characters and Art are owned by their respective companies.