Aum gum shreem maha Lakshmiyei namaha

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Mantra and Sri Yantra with music - This video is my personal devotional offering to the Goddess Lakshmi. It is coupled with the "ahhhhh" sound in the background, a music loop, and my voice, raw and organic done in my sacred space in my home. Let Ganesha remove any obstacles to your connecting wholeheartedly with Lakshmi. This mantra (sound medicine/mind tool) has "gum" -- this is the remover of obstacles i.e. Ganehsa. Ganesha will help to remove any obstacles regarding your embracing and accepting the endless wealth and prosperity that Lakshmi has for you. By opening your heart to the Goddess and establishing her in your awareness with sincerity, miracles will happen in your life. Chant 108 times or 54 times to be in alignment with tradition. There is a numerical sacred geometrical basis for chanting 108 times or 54 times. If you have less time to work with chant 3, 6, or 9 times with love, gratitude and honor for the Goddess. Tips: - Chant from your heart center with warm feelings and sincere intention to connect with the Goddess, ask for her to come and establish herself in your awareness, to expand your perception and to expand your ability to experience the magic and mysteries of consciousness. - perhaps light a candle -burn some incense or spritz some of your favorite scent in your room or whatever space you are chanting in -Consistency = mastery and repetition programs the subconscious; keep doing the mantra everyday for many days straight. 40 is good, 100 plus is even better -Don't cling tightly to any particular outcome or particular way this mantra will affect you -- But do intend for this mantra and your using it to transform your consciousness -- Let the sound vibration do the tuning on its own - the sound will re-program your brain and your entire consciousness Metaphor to increase understanding: Just like a musician tunes a piano, or guitar or a harp to get it to play harmoniously and beautifully, so too will this mantra tune your brain and entire consciousness to the essence of the Goddess, in particular, Lakshmi. Happy Chanting!!! Music Loop Courtesy Of: