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Thanks so much for checking my first single off my upcoming album “Say.What.You.Please” I’ll be releasing Spring 2015. If you dig, please pick it up off iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/album/id939070998 Twitter/Instagram: @saudapop www.facebook.com/saudapop Lyrics: vigilante skip the intro every time i go in know the flow is sinful open up a can, a whole mob assemble cuz i crush em all up til they mush like lentils simple I’m the shape you stencil step inside my mind, rip every instrumental death be quick pray death be gentle but god save none nobody safe in the temple shhh come in and listen closely you know i do for the fam and i do for my homies start to the finish from the booth to the trophy stacking all this cheddar all this macaroni assalamualaikum to the fake and phony say what you please what you say is balogna see the light from the sky when i hit the stage buckeyes on the rise and i heard em say O H only hustlers in Ohio only hustlers in Ohio O H its the new motto all the boys and the girls in the crowd they holler only hustlers in ohio(OH) only hustlers in ohio(IO) O H its the new motto all the boys and the girls in the crowd they holler one two three two three four million street full of bars stack em tall in a pyramid when its cold blood cold, reptilian know we got the fire. ammunition unlimited know we had the ball long before all of the scrimmages know we had em tappin two all over all the images and when we fuck around we still go harder than your serious what got the whole population ovulating got em saying turn it up level up I’m goin harder, super saiyan if its raining if its snowing money come and money goin its the motto oh they know it you can have it if you own it take it you control it its the vision reap and sow it so take it slow or take a shot a liquor and reload it yeah its the one and the only keepin it g for the team yeah I'm holy