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mean girls

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Elementary School Years Tag by Mary Glitzy Fritzy -One Grade- One Memory - I take you through each year of my grade school experience about mean girls, failure, success, crushes and friendships ________________________________ Mary – Glitzy Fritzy Thank you Mary for a great tag! My First Boy Friend: John Hammond Star of the Movie " The Blue & The Gray" and many other films. I Tag: Lady W Free Range Diva Swoozie Bird rxstrmom Marlene Fab & Glam Over 50 Love you all!, Susan & Cooper _­__­­__ Song at the end in background is a song I wrote for a ex coming to visit after many decades away called " Postcard" Video clip at the end is from my video called "They Still Play It -Dealing with The Death of a Friend" My last record can be viewed here and listened to in it’s entirety: “ Mr. Crazy & Other Tales” Take a listen to my songs if you have time. It’s free. If you would ever like to use my music in your video just message me. Royalty free. You can download each song for free by putting in $0 when it says name your price. _ Special Note: I will never ever say I use a product when I do not. I will never compromise my relationship with my subscribers by recommending a product I do not love or use. Any sponsored video I do will have a (S) symbol or a clear statement in the info box so I can be 100% transparent to my subscribers. Please e-mail me if you have any questions :) I adore you and no about of money could ever get me to lie to you. From my heart to you and yours...Love always- Susan & Cooper :)❣ ~